Best Artificial Turf for Dogs and Pets in San Diego

How to Choose the Right Pet Turf

No matter what kind of furry friend you have, our artificial grass is ideal for keeping your beloved pet safe, clean, and comfortable. We understand that every pet owner is different, which is why our pet turf offers you the right solution for your home’s specific needs. We work with you by providing different turf and infill combinations that work for your pet.

We consider different factors before designing and installing artificial turf for your pet including:

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Not found The size of your pets
Not found  The area for installation

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Official Helen Woodward Animal Center Artificial Turf Provider

US Turf is proud to be partnered with Helen Woodward Animal Center of San Diego! Due to US Turf's expertise in artificial turf for pets, the Helen Woodward Animal Center has made us the Official Helen Woodward Animal Center Artificial Turf Provider!

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Pets


Quick Drainage

Easy to Maintain

Pet Stays Clean

Pest Free

A Dog Lawn with Beautiful Aesthetics

Artificial Turf for Dog Parks

Dog parks are fundamental components of the community that provide an opportunity for socialization and stimulation. Without the right attention, areas can become dry or dusty, and of course, dogs carry the mess home. Many cities are now turning to artificial turf for dog parks as it is a low-maintenance, eco-friendly solution.

Commercial dog parks and play areas are a great way to improve an apartment or business park for dog owners. US Turf’s artificial grass is specially designed for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Our weatherproof and durable product makes it manageable for intense wear from playful dogs.

Pet Turf Infill Options

We carry the most advanced products in the artificial turf industry. As experienced installers we recommend two infills above all for pet turf:


Drastically Reduces and Eliminates Odor



Cools down synthetic turf surface and absorbs heat energy

Suggested Pet Turf Products

Certified Safe Pet Turf

US Turf San Diego uses only American made turf products. The artificial turf products we use are safe for dogs, cats, and other pets - and they're safe for kids and adults too! If you're curious about care and maintenance, read our article about cleaning artificial grass with dogs and pets.

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